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Lemon Law Relief for all San Francisco and Bay Area residents! Has your vehicle been back to the dealer's shop over and over again for warranty repairs? You may have a valid lemon law claim that will allow you to get a refund of all the monies and payments you have paid (less a statutory usage charge), a brand new replacement vehicle, or a substantial cash settlement payment. Call 1-800-647-8127 for a FREE consultation and case evaluation in just 1 hour! No long questionnaire forms to fill out over the net, just one simple phone call! Our offices have settled over 8,000 California Lemon Law claims over 20 years. We settle over 99% of our cases, with low fees/no money down. All cases are on a contingency basis.

Do not trust your case to little-known, out-of-state or inexperienced firms with come-on's of "completely free" or other similar "hooks".  Ask yourself “How hard is my attorney going to work for me when he has no stake or financial incentive rewards in my lemon law case and claim? Also, a fancy internet website does not mean that a lemon law attorney has the experience, years in practice, our clout with the automobile manufacturers in pursuing a California lemon law claim to provide the best possible case outcome for the consumer. Find out what sets our firm apart from all others by calling us today at 1-800-647-8127

Consumers must realize that the automobile manufacturers are looking after their best interests – not the consumers. Meaning – they want to simply attempt to fix the vehicle again, or pacify the consumer by making “offers” like the return of a car payment or two, or the offering of an “extended warranty” (Service Contract). These “offers” are not the California Lemon Law. “Trade-Assists” or other ways of duping the consumer into trading in their vehicle are also not the California lemon law. A manufacturer’s “Customer Care/Customer Relations” 800# representative giving you a “case number” is not a California lemon law case number or claim. It is simply a reference number for the next time you call in to complain. The dealership you purchased/leased and/or get warranty service from is not the responsible party for your lemon law situation – the manufacturer is. Working towards the resolution of a California lemon law claim is our job. That is why we have been protecting and upholding the rights of California consumers for 20 years!

Residents of San Francisco and the greater bay area are invited to contact us about their defective automobile. Remember, any new or used vehicle covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, or Certified Pre-owned Used Vehicle Warranty can be eligible for California lemon law protection. What many people purchase as “extended warranties” from the automobile dealership are actually “service contracts” and are not applicable to California lemon law* (*exception is M-Benz factory extended warranty).

Call or e-mail us now!  Find out if you qualify for a lemon law case against the automobile manufacturer. Our on-line evaluation form gets an answer back to you in just 1 hour!

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